Welcome to the member-only area 

 Members of Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Credit Union can register themselves online for access to our member only area.

Once registered they can operate their accounts through the internet or through their smartphone/tablet on our mobile site.

Please read the registration instructions below carefully.



What do I need to do?
  1. Click on the button below to access the members area.
To register for access
  1. On the members' area screen Click to register for PIN.
  2. Complete the form. Select your own preferred PIN number, Login Password & Withdrawal password.
    You will need all of these so please ensure that you choose ones that you will remember
  3. NB: Your member number is a 2, 3 or 4 digit number found on any correspondence we have sent to you, or at the bottom right corner of your membership card.  Any other number entered here will cause your registration to fail.
  4. The form will flag up any fields that you have forgotten
  5. Click the register button.

If the information you have provided passes our security checks you will receive an email within 1 working day to tell you that your account is active and you will then be able to access your account.

To log in
  1. Go to the members area
  2. enter your member number, the PIN number you chose and your date of birth
  3. Click "login"
  4. Enter the login password that you chose
  5. You will be logged in and told if you have any messages waiting. Click the "click here to continue" link to go to your balances page.
To make a withdrawal
  1. Log in to the members area
  2. Check the balances of your account.
  3. Click "Withdrawal Request"
  4. Complete the form using the withdrawal password that you selected.
  5. Click  the "Withdraw" button
  6. If the funds are available they will arrive at the nominated bank account in 3 working days. (see note below)

Please check your balances before making a withdrawal request. The minimum balance on your account is £5. The withdrawal will be reduced if it would take your account below a £5 balance

If you have a loan, the minimum balance is £5 plus one loan repayment at all times. Your withdrawal will not be processed for any amount that takes your account below these limits.  This is a term of your loan agreement. Our telephone staff cannot override this requirement.

Our office staff do NOT have access to your PIN number or passwords.  They cannot give them to you and will never ask you for them. 






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