A Guide to Debt Help by StepChange Debt Charity

Are you struggling to pay your monthly loan payments and credit card payments?
You are not alone. Millions of people struggle with financial problems. Admitting that you need help with your finances is the first step towards regaining control of them. Make sure you seek help as soon as possible - the longer you wait, the more difficult things will become.

It doesn't matter how much debt you have, debt help is available. Start by obtaining some free guidance from a debt charity such as StepChange Debt Charity. They provide free debt management solutions, and can set-up individual voluntary arrangements (IVA) and debt relief orders (DRO).

Your debt problem may be eased by better money management. Often, paying attention to where your money is going can help. Here are some ideas to improve your financial situation:

Try to increase your income
Having enough money to pay your bills is essential to everyday living and to getting out of debt. Without enough money, even your necessary living expenses can suffer. Try these options to help increase your income:
• Make sure you're claiming all your benefits entitlements
• Work overtime if possible
• Take on additional work
• Rent out a spare room if you own your home

Find a better deal
Are you getting the best rates for your insurance and utilities? Take the time to do some research. Phone around or use the internet to compare prices. The money you could save by changing companies could significantly improve your financial troubles. Look for better deals on items like:
• Mobile phones and home phone packages
• Home and car insurance
• Television and broadband services
• Items like furniture and electrical goods

Use a monthly budget
Make a monthly budget. List all of your outgoing expenses as well as all of your monthly income. Examining your spending habits can help you to cut out unnecessary spending.

Don't get into any more debt
Make sure you don't take on any more debt than you already have. This means:
• Credit cards – cut them up.
• Overdraft - don't increase your overdraft.
• Don't use your house as security against another loan.

If you need debt help make sure you seek it from a free expect source such StepChange Debt Charity. Consulting a debt advice charity is the only way to be sure of getting free, impartial and professional debt advice.
StepChange Debt Charity has a free online debt counselling service called Debt Remedy, available any time of the day. For more free debt advice, visit www.stepchange.org or call free on 0800 138 1111.

For local advice you can call the Citizens Advice Bureau on 01253 308400 or visit www.blackpoolcab.org.uk



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